• Helen Goodland

There are about 500 mass timber buildings in Canada - BC and Quebec lead the way

A soon-to-be-released study by Scius for Natural Resource Canada's Green Construction through Wood (GC Wood) program reveals that there are 500 mass timber buildings spread across all regions.

To understand the current state of mass timber construction capacity in Canada, the Scius team collected a baseline set of data on mass timber projects and production capacity across the country. The database includes 491 projects completed from 2007 onward or are under construction, representing over 1.5 million m2 (16 million sf) of gross floor area. The most projects are in BC followed by Quebec.

Mass timber buildings in Canada

This is the first database compiled of mass timber buildings in Canada. It assembles data from various sources, supplemented with information gathered from industry websites, interviews with architects, engineers and builders known to be early adopters of mass timber as well as some suppliers and specialist installers. Projects in the database include public and private industrial, commercial, institutional and multi-family residential buildings, bridges, towers and agricultural structures that are at least 300m2 / 3,000sf in size and use large engineered and prefabricated wood members in structural applications for the interior and/or exterior walls, interstitial floors and roof either in “all-wood” designs or as an integral part of a hybrid (with steel, concrete and/or light wood frame) system. Houses and small buildings that would be classified under Part 9 of the National Building Code are not included.

The database also includes a list of 23 mass timber suppliers in Canada as well as a selection of 12 major international manufacturers and suppliers from the US and Europe. The overall production capacity in Canada is estimated to be as much as 1.6 million m3 per year. This is the first

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